22 October 2009

Praying for Stones

I am facing a few difficulties and I am praying for resolution. But I've been struggling with exactly what to pray for. I would like to be more specific than simply praying "God take this difficulty away".

In His sermon (Matt 7:7-10, Lk 11:9–13) Jesus encourages us to ask for that which sustains us: bread, fish, and eggs (sounds like breakfast in Scandinavia). When asked He will *not* give us stones, snakes or scorpions but instead the good things that we need.

The difficulty is specificity I don't always know what is best for me and my family. So what if, needing bread, I ask for a stone. I must believe that even though I ask for the stone that I think would be best, God will give me the bread that I really need.

I will continue praying with specificity and with the confidence that my Father loves me and will give me what I really need even if I do not know to ask for it.

16 October 2009

Worship Training

Checkout Dan's new worship training site http://worshiptraining.com/

15 October 2009

Mind mapping - XMind

I've always been a fan of mind mapping ideas, and have also used the technique in a team settings during design sessions. But I've never used mind mapping software much. But I just discovered Xmind it is free and easy to use. It has several different diagram types, integrates well with a web browser (internal or external) and even allows me to embed documents inside the map.

So I've started to use it to keep complex world a bit more in order.

I only wish it had RDF capibility so I could name the edges and run SPARQL queries against it.

06 October 2009

Tabernacle Diagram

I told my students I'd put up this image of the tabernacle that we discussed in class last night. The overall scheme for the diagram was again inspired by Sarna's Understanding Genesis, who it seems also inspired Bandstra's similar diagram.